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Peace of Mind.
For Paws and Claws.

Keeping your pet safe shouldn't be complicated. With QBell Pet Tag, it isn't. Our QR code technology ensures instant contact, no personal details, and no ongoing costs.

It's a smarter, simpler, and safer way to keep your pet protected.

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Protect your pet with a QBell Pet Tag

The only Pet Tag you will ever need

QBell Pet Tags are highly durable and feature a unique QBell QR code that's used to instantly contact you .

Attach it to your pet's collar and enjoy a smart, hassle-free way to keep them safe and secure.

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Keep Connected

Never Lose Your Furry Friend Again.

Get instant notifications when your pet is found, leave important information about your pet, and connect in realtime, without sharing any personal details.

💬 Instant Messaging

🐶 Customisable Profile

🎙️ Voice Notes

🔐 No personal Info

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🤙 No Subscriptions Here

We don't believe in subscriptions when it comes to pet peace of mind. Each QBell Pet Tag can last a lifetime, with no hidden costs.

  • QBell | PetSafe Tag - QBell Store

    "Brilliant! It took me a few minutes to set up and add some contact and microchip information and it looks pretty good on Chappie's collar. No monthly fee is also a big plus from us"

    Jason (Chappie)

  • "I love the design, and it's good to know it is strong enough to last and to keep on the lead...just in case!"

    Jess (Nacho)

  • "No subscriotion was a big bonus for me, and it was so useful I bought one for my own keys too 😂"

    Myah (Piper)

Peace of mind. Powered by QBell

QBell Pet Tags help protect your pets when they wander.

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🤔 Frequently Asked Questions

How does the QBell Pet Tag Work?

QBell Pet Tags are powered by QBell's privacy-protecting communications technology.

This lets you connect your handset to the tag, so that when your pet is recovered, the finder can scan the code to see vital information about your pet, and to contact you instantly, without needing your telephone number or personal details.

If my pet is found, does the person that finds them need an app to contact me?

Nope! QBell codes are compatible with every smartphone. When someone scans your code, they are connected to you via their handset's browser.

Where do you deliver?

We deliver worldwide!

Is there a required subscription?


Your QBell Pet Tag is ready to use as soon as it arrives, and each tag comes with an extra two invite slots, so you can add other family or friends to also receive notifications.

If you require more than 2 invite slots, then there's an optional subscription - but that's the only difference!