Instant and Secure Communication Powered by QR

Upgrade Anything with an instant virtual Intercom

QBell is a Smart Doorbell and Intercom that's powered by QR. It's secure, low-cost, technology thats works anywhere. 

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Answer your door from anywhere

QBell uses bespoke, weatherproof codes that can be added to any location, to provide an instant method for your visitors or customers to securely contact you, without any personal details being exchanged.

"The most interesting smart product this year"


  • No Wires or Wifi

    QBell requires no outside power source or internet connection to work.

  • Simple Setup

    Every QBell code is ready to go, right out of the box. Use the self adhesive backing for instant installation.

  • Works Anywhere

    QBell codes can be used anywhere and are fully weatherproof for outdoor locations.

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A better solution to expensive smart doorbells and intercoms

Each QBell is a bespoke, weatherproof code that can be customised with your own message. It pairs directly to your handset, so your visitors can connect with you securely, wherever you are.

⛈️ Weatherproof and Durable

📝 Customisable Interface

Everything you need to be contactable from anywhere

Chat in real-time with your visitors or customers, without any personal details being exchanged, or any visitor app required.

💬 Instant Messaging

🤖 Preset responses

🎙️ Voice Notes

🎥 Voice & Video calls (coming soon!)

Over 10,000 codes sold

❤️ From our customers worldwide

  • "The most interesting Smart-Product this year...It's safer, smarter, and the most affordable solution around"

    Tech Publication

  • "An amazing solution to the problem of ensuring our guests feel like we are always available to help"

    Jessica M
    Hotel Manager

  • "Super easy to set up, and it's been useful for putting outside my shop for when I am closed"

    William S
    Business Owner

🤔 Frequently Asked Questions

How does QBell work?

Each QBell has a unique QR code that you activate with the QBell app.

When you've activated your code, you can use QBell units as a Smart Doorbell or intercom. When a visitor scans your code, they can send you notifications and messages, without your private details being exposed.

Because QBell codes do not require any power, and are completely weatherproof, they can be added to any location to instantly upgrade it with a virtual smart doorbell.

Do visitors need an App to use my QBell?


QBell is compatible with any smartphone that can scan a QR code. When a visitor scans your code, they interact with you via a browser window.

Is there a required subscription?


Your QBell is ready to use as soon as it arrives, and each tag comes with an extra two invite slots, so you can add other family or friends to also receive notifications.

If you require more than 2 invite slots, then there's an optional subscription - but that's the only difference!