Introducing QBell Pet Tags: Redefining Pet Safety with QR technology

Introducing QBell Pet Tags: Redefining Pet Safety with QR technology


We are always exploring the ways in which we can leverage our QR-powered communication technology to make our customer's lives easier, and to extend our peace of mind coverage to cover what's most important to us. Today, we're thrilled to announce a new addition to the QBell product line: the QBell Pet Tag.

We've taken our expertise in digital connectivity, and our existing QBell communication technology, and applied it to one of the most precious parts of our lives: our pets. Our pet families mean so much to us, and the thought of them one day wandering away or getting lost is something we would all rather avoid - so we developed the QBell Pet Tag to ensure our furry family members remain safe and to give you the peace of mind of knowing that a QBell tag ensures you're always connected.

The Next Generation Pet Tag

The QBell QR Pet Tag is a sleek, durable metal tag that attaches easily to your pet's collar. It uses QBell's existing patent-pending QR technology to securely ensure that you can be contacted instantly should anyone find your wandering pet - and you can also leave important contact or vet information too. Should your pet wander or get lost, a simple scan of the tag allows the finder to access your vital contact details, ensuring a swift and stress-free reunion.

Join Us on This Journey

We are excited about the potential of the QBell QR Pet Tag to transform pet safety and provide an essential service for pet owners. We look forward to receiving feedback from our dedicated community of users. Your insights will be invaluable in helping us improve and adapt the QR Pet Tag to better meet your needs. Together, we can ensure our pets are protected and secure, giving us all a little more peace of mind. 


The QBell Team

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